1. All About Google Analytics

    Today we’re looking at Google Analytics; how, why and what to do!

    Sophie just moved her blog over to a self hosted WordPress set up (hooray!) and wants to know more about Google Analytics.

    So, what is Google Analytics? It’s a way to record the visits and views to a website provided by Google. It is believed to be the most reliable way to compare websites and blogs to each other, in particular for things like London Fashion Week. This is probably because it’s…

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  2. Bonjour, Blogger! Ellen

    Tonight @ellenwarnerxo is answering our blogger questions!

    bonjour-blogger-ellen-ellenwarnerxo ellenwarnerxoName: Ellen
    Age: 18
    Location: Hertfordshire
    Blog URL: ellenwarnerxo

    What is your blog about?
    Beauty mainly. Although there are some lifestyle related posts, it’s all about beauty.

    Is this your first blog?

    When did you start your current blog?
    January 2014.

    What made you do it?
    I love beauty and I enjoy voicing my opinion.

    What was your first blog post about?
    I think it was a review!

    What do…

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  3. How To Get Tweets As Comments

    Find out how to get tweets as comments on self hosted Wordpress!

    One of the best things about self hosted WordPress is the variety of plugins out there that allow you to bring everything all together on one page easily. Sometimes, when you tweet a blog post, some people will tweet you a reply


    Twitter Mentions as Commentswill keep searching Twitter periodically for tweets that mention blog post URL’s and will save them as comments in your WordPress setup.…

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  4. Today we’re sharing a website that will tell you what your favourite site is using!

    Have you ever seen a self hosted Wordpress blog and wondered what that layout is? Wonder no more - with the obviously named…


  5. How To Check Your Site Speed

    Today we look at three different sites to check how fast your blog loads

    Having a website that’s fast to load will help to keep your readers around longer, but how do you test that? We’ll look at three different sites to check your speed – Pingdom, GTmetrix, and Google PageSpeed



    Pingdomchecks your site speed by visiting it from a random location and noting down how long each element on your page takes to load. This will make it easier for you to work out what…

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  6. Etsy Affiliate Scheme

    Today we’re looking at how you can earn money through promoting Etsy sellers


    The Etsy affiliate scheme is a great way to support independent sellers whilst earning a small percentage of the sale. The standard commission for a sale is 5% with a 30 day cookie period (so if the buyer clicks a link on your blog, and doesn’t click any other Etsy affiliate link in those 30 days, then you get the percentage of the sale – find out more here about how affiliate links work)


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  7. Bonjour, Blogger! : Amanda

    This week, @catxclysm is answering our questions!


    amanda-musings-of-a-crazy-cat-girl.jpgName: Amanda G.
    Age: 24
    Location: Singapore
    Blog URL: Musings of a Crazy Cat Girl

    What is your blog about?
    Musings of a Crazy Cat Girl is a lifestyle and personal blog where I can truly be my expressive self! Posts on my blog can range from my day to day life to just about anything under the sun, really! You never really know what I’m gonna be blogging about next and I think that’s kinda unique as…

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  8. Let’s Shop! : Blog Planners

    Today we’re sharing some of our favourite diaries, planners and journals out there for blog scheduling!

    We’ve been asked quite a bit lately what planners we use for our blog, and with the shops being full of so many choices at the moment (even after you’re done with education, September is always an exciting time of year where you feel like you have to buy all new stationery!) we thought it was a good time to put together a list of diaries almost too pretty to fill with blog plans!

    Obviously, all…

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  9. eBay Partner Network

    Today we’re looking at how you can join the eBay partner network to use affiliate links in blogposts!


    eBay wishlist and collection posts are getting more and more popular in blogging, and for good reason, since you can buy almost anything on there! What if there was a way that you could make a small percentage from those links though?

    Well, there is! The eBay Partner Network is hidden away on their site, but it’s open to anyone – our account was approved in less than 24 hours, so it wouldn’t…

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  10. 5 Mins To Perfect Your Blog

    .@collegeprepster inspired us to give you 5 ways to improve your blog in 5 minutes!


    We loved Carly’s post about how five minutes can change your to do list dramatically. When you’re looking at your blog, you might feel like your to do list is huge, and will never get done, but these few things might help you think differently and perhaps gives you a bit of a kick up the bum to get the rest done!

    Update your “About” page

    Be honest – did you write your About pageand then leave it…

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