1. What Is Slack?

    Come join in with virtual #blogclub! http://wp.me/p3pAZi-1dY

    Slack is an application that allows a team to chat together. It’s used in a work environment usually as a chat room, and it’s available on most platforms – you can use it in most modern browsers, in stand alone desktop apps and on mobile phones.


    You can have different chat rooms, private groups, and direct messages, and it’s free to use. (There are features that you can pay for, but those are…

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  2. How To Use Emoji On OS X

    Today, it’s not a blog specific thing, but we had to share with other Mac users how to get to the emoji menu on your desktop/laptop!

    Not so much a blog thing, but a little hack we found on our Mac and had to share!

    If, like us, you basically talk in emoji, then you’ll probably be a little excited about being able to access the emoji menu in OS X (we tested this in 10.9 [Mavericks] only).

    When typing, press Command (⌘) + Control + Space. A little panel will pop up and you’ll see all the emoji you usually use on your phone. (It…

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  3. Bonjour, Blogger! : Quinn

    .@QuinnAgpaoa’s answering our interview questions today!

    quineeName Quinn Agpaoa
    Age 17
    Location Philippines
    Blog URL itslonglivethequinn.blogspot.com

    What is your blog about? My blog is about my personal style and sometimes travels. I have a lot of things to share so I guess everything under the sun can get posted on my blog :) But one thing’s for sure, it is and will always be about fashion.

    Is this your first blog?Yes, and I plan to continue it until I…

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  4. All About Twitter Chats

    Today we explain how to join in with a Twitter chat - so easy and fun!

    We’re always talking about how Twitter chats can really help you build up relationships and readerships but what if you’re so new to them, that you’re not even sure how to join in? We’re here to help as always!


    First, find the chat that you want to join. That might seem a little obvious, but there’s not much point in a fashion blogger joining in a parenting blogger chat if they don’t have…

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  5. What Is Doodle

    Today we’re looking at how to find the best date for an event http://wp.me/p3pAZi-1cV

    Doodle is, in a word, awesome.

    It’s awesome, because it allows you to find what the best date to hold an event is. There are so many uses for this in blogging, from arranging a meetup (find what the best date is for a selected group), organising the next #blogclub, or even just booking a table for your next meal with your favourite bloggy friends.


    Click “Schedule An Event” to start!


    Fill in as…

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  6. YouTube and Copyright

    Today we’re talking about YouTube, copyright, and where to find background music for your vlogs!

    This week saw the announcement that Michelle Phan, YouTube star, is being sued by a record label for copyright infringement on some of the music she has used in her videos. When we tweeted about this yesterday, lots of people were surprised, but so many more of you were not!

    When you come across anything that has already been made, the first assumption you should use is that you can’t use it.…

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  7. How To Change Your Blogger Permalinks

    Last week we looked at Wordpress’ URL’s, now it’s Blogger’s turn!

    Last week we looked at WordPress permalinks, and as promised, it’s time to look at the Blogger permalink setup.

    When you write a post, Blogger will try to create a permalink based on your blog post title. If you want it to be different, then click “Permalink” in the Post Settings sidebar and choose “Custom Permalink”. In the textbox, type whatever you want the URL to contain and click done. When…

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  8. Stop Motion Studio - A GIF App For Your Phone!

    The stop animation app that produces GIFs and is currently free!

    We’ve talked previously about how to create a gif on your computer for a blog post, but there are also apps available for it too!

    Stop Motion Studio is an app that allows you to create stop motion videos either by taking the photos through the app or by importing the images you’ve already taken.

    The app is fairly simple to use, but overlays telling you what everything does do appear in your first…

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  9. How To Get Your Instagram Pictures Showing On Twitter

    How To Get Your Instagram Pictures Showing On Twitter

    Twitter’s current design gives you a preview of an image posted – but not if it’s posted via Instagram. Some people don’t like to have to click through to Instagram to see the image, so this is a really quick and easy solution to get around that!

    We’ve talked about IFTTT before– this is just one of the thousands of “recipes” available on the site. You’ll need to connect your Twitter and Instagram…

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  10. Bonjour, Blogger! : Efia

    This week is @the_chadd’s turn to answer our questions!

    bonjour-blogger-efia effytalkslifeName Efia
    Age 20
    Location Scotland
    Blog URL effytalkslife.com

    What is your blog about? I get asked this a lot and I guess the easiest answer is lifestyle. I talk about my own life (food, beauty, fashion, travel) as well as sharing blog tips and advice for others! That’s what a lifestyle blog is right?

    Is this your first blog? Yes! First and probably only, one blog is enough to handle haha!

    When did…

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