1. More More More Blog Design Shops!

    Still looking for a new blog layout? We have some new suggestions of places to check out for you!

    If you’re still itching for a new look for your blog, then you might find this post really helpful (because it’s useful to find more places to look) or totally frustrating (because it’s giving you even more amazing choices to choose from – who can decide?!)


    Hello Wonderful


    Kotryna Bass Design


    Little Web Writing Hood


    The Perfect Pear


    Violet Posy

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  2. #Access All ASOS

    Today we’re talking about #AccessAllASOS @asos - such an awesome site!


    You’ve probably seen over the past few months lots of lucky people tweeting about #accessallasos, but do you know much about it?

    Access All ASOS is an exclusive group which gives the most loyal fans of ASOS a first look at what’s coming up. You’ll also be invited to visit ASOS HQ (how exciting?!) and various other events they’ll be…

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  3. Working With Shared Spreadsheets

    Shared spreadsheets are super useful, especially for organising events - here’s how to set them up

    If you’re blogging with someone else, or if you’re organising an event or blogger meetup, the ability to share information is pretty important. Sure, you could do things by emailing each other, or even keeping files on Dropbox or similar, but the most simple way that anyone can access on most computers or handheld devices without needing extra software is Google Docs.

    If you’ve never used it,…

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  4. Bonjour, Blogger! Tashaa

    Tonight’s blogger interview is with @tashaamorrish!


    Name Tashaa
    Age 20
    Location Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK
    Blog URL Ooohlalaa-It’s Fashion

    What is your blog about?
    My blog is an insight into my admiration’s and inspirations surrounding the fashion industry. Alongside examining the best dressed of the high fashion events such as the met ball or the Oscars I provide styling tips and outfit suggestions. I also share with my audience the hottest looks from…

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  5. How To Add Paypal Buttons

    So sort of following on from yesterdays post about selling samples, we thought we’d look at how to add PayPal buttons to your blog. Whether you’re selling your makeup stash, selling your crafts or just putting a button up to take deposits for blog designs, PayPal buttons can make things a little easier for the reader.

    PayPal buttons might not be the best way for you to do something (they’re a…

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  6. Discussion: Selling Samples

    Discussion time! Today we’re talking about getting rid of items you’ve been sent to review…


    Always a topic that causes lots of discussion, today we’re looking at whether it is acceptable to sell items that you no longer need or love, even if they were sent to you to review.

    We were reminded of this blogger dilemma when the fab Jayne tweeted…


    …and she received some interesting responses…


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  7. How To Give Access Without Giving Your Password

    Today we’re looking at how to allow someone access to your blog without giving out your password

    If you’ve just bought a new layout, or are considering it, then you might be asked to hand over your password. No matter how much you trust that other person, never ever give your password out! It’s one of the first things we learn when we start using computers. Here’s how to give someone administrator access to your website.

    First up: WordPress.com users can not change their layout without…

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  8. Company Style Blogger Awards 2014 - Nominations Open

    Company Style Blogger Awards 2014 – Nominations Open


    “It’s the most wonderful time of the year…”

    It’s that time when your timeline becomes full of reminders – yes, it’s magazine blog awards season. First up are the Company Style Blogger Awards, now in their third year

    • Best Personal Style Blog in association with Missguided
    • Best Personal Style Blog – Newcomer (less than one year blogging)
    • Best Designed Blog
    • Best Blogging Duo or Team
    • Best…

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  9. Bonjour, Blogger! Hope

    Tonight’s blogger interview is with @HopesGone1!

    Name Hope Butler
    Age 18
    Location Northumberland
    Blog URL Hopes Gone

    What is your blog about?
    A mixture of things. Mostly about making those tough life decisions that teenagers/young adults have to make nowadays, with a bit of fashion and music thrown in.

    Is this your first blog?

    When did you start your current blog?
    June 2013, but I only really got into it a few months ago

    What made you do it?

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  10. Saturday Summary

    The Saturday Summary is up, lots of interesting posts for you to read!



    Loved this post by Michelle at Life Outside London - what her Google searches this week say about her. Too funny!


    Nicole at Writes Like A Girl is doing a 30 x 30 this month – choose 30 pieces of clothing, and wear only those items over 30 days. An interesting challenge, especially if you’re a fashion blogger – it makes you think about your wardrobe a lot more!


    One of our favourite beauty…

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