1. Do Bloggers Need To Be At Fashion Week?

    Today we’re discussing whether bloggers need to go to fashion week!


    It feels like September and February brings out the competitive nature in bloggers. Seeing others heading down to London and posting the most fabulous Instagrams about the breakfasts in hotels they’re being treated to is either going to make you supremely jealous or determined to get there yourself next season. But are bloggers really needed at Fashion Week?

    Fashion Week is foremost a trade…

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  2. How To Identify A Font

    How To Identify A Font

    Sometimes you’ll be creating a graphic for your blog (perhaps a new header?) and can’t find the perfect font in your library. You’ve seen it elsewhere, but you don’t know what it’s called to be able to download the font yourself.


    WhatTheFont is a site that allows you to upload an image of a font and it will go through a few steps with you to identify the font used.


    If you don’t have an image of…

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  3. Bonjour, Blogger! : Georgina

    Tonight @caramelattekiss is answering our blogger interview questions!


    georgina-caramel-latte-kissName: Georgina
    Age: 24
    Location: Coventry, UK
    Blog URL: Caramel Latte Kiss

    What is your blog about?
    Caramel Latte Kiss is about fashion, food, feminism and everything in between. I write about little things from my life, in my quest to find happiness in the small things and keep them all documented.

    Lifestyle is a great category for me. It means my blog can cover all the different parts of my life,…

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  4. All About Twitter Analytics

    All About Twitter Analytics

    Twitter recently created an analytics section for advertisers and verified users, but this was soon opened up to all users with accounts older than 14 days (other things the account must be: tweeting in English, French, Japanese and Spanish and not suspended or protected (of course!))


    To access the dashboard, head to analytics.twitter.comand login if you need to. From the initial screen, you can…

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  5. Add Categories To Your Layout

    Today we’re showing the Blogger users out there how to get links to your categories on your blog!

    We’ve talked previously about how to categorise your blog posts so readers can browse through topics that interest you, and had a few requests on a quick tutorial to put links to certain labels or categories on your Blogger layout.

    Blogger categories will usually be in the format blogname.blogspot.com/search/label/category(where the underlined parts are specific to your blog) You can add labels…

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  6. Blog Design Shops


  7. Bonjour, Blogger! : Daisy

    Tonight @cherrydelights is answering our questions!


    daisy-cupcakes-and-cherriesName: Daisy
    Age: 27
    Location: London
    Blog URL: Cupcakes and Cherries

    What is your blog about?
    Mostly lifestyle and beauty – all of the things I love. The blogs I read most are the ones where there are a variety of posts and topics covered. I like to share parts of my life, as well as my favourite beauty products!

    Is this your first blog?
    I started a couple of blogs before this one but they never…

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  8. Review: Mollie Makes Blogging

    Today we’re reviewing @MollieMakes Blogging and have a copy to give away!

    Mollie Makes Blogging Magazine Review

    Walk into WHSmith and head to the technology magazine section (after thinking that it’s a shame that the brand has gone so downhill, especially since Borders has gone sigh), and you’ll see a ton of magazines proclaiming to help you with every tech question ever but there’s nothing that really appeals to the fashion, beauty and lifestyle female blogger sector.

    Mollie Makes, the crafting magazine,…

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  9. donotlink.com

    Today we’re showing you how to stop those annoying notifications when you link to a tweet!

    Twitter has recently introduced a new feature where if you paste the link to a tweet in one of your tweets, then the other person gets notified as if you had retweeted it. There are many reasons why people choose to use the link rather than retweeting, but one of the main ones is because they don’t want the other person knowing they are linking to them.

    Thankfully, there’s an easy way around…

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  10. All About Google Analytics

    Today we’re looking at Google Analytics; how, why and what to do!

    Sophie just moved her blog over to a self hosted WordPress set up (hooray!) and wants to know more about Google Analytics.

    So, what is Google Analytics? It’s a way to record the visits and views to a website provided by Google. It is believed to be the most reliable way to compare websites and blogs to each other, in particular for things like London Fashion Week. This is probably because it’s…

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